Dr. Schuster has been in practice for over 25 years in the southeast Denver area. During this time he has continued to further his chiropractic education in the study of Atlas Orthogonal and has become a Board Certified Atlas Orthogonist (B.C.A.O.). This certification entitles Dr. Schuster Dr. Steve using Atlas Orthogonal Instrumentto teach the Atlas Orthogonal technique nationally as well as internationally. His teaching travels have taken him to cities all over America and to countries in Europe, South Africa, and New Zealand.

He is committed to Atlas Orthogonal and its significant role in his chiropractic practice. He does include additional services in his practice to help restore, improve, and maintain his patient's quality of health.

Drs. Steve and Connie Schuster are devoted to providing care to those of you who are searching for 'alternatives' to traditional Dr. Connie and Dr. Steve western medicine. They are dedicated to helping you recognize the importance of an ongoing health maintenance program. They especially want you to know there are other options for alleviating neck and back pain, headaches, sprains and strains resulting from car accidents and sports injuries, the pain of arthritis, fibromyalgia, as well many other forms of pain and discomfort.